Sere 100.2 Post Test Answers 2024 – 2025

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Question: Ensure you record data about your communication devices, i.e. cellular phone, survival radio, and personal locator beacon on your ___________________ prior to deploying or mission execution.

Answer: EPA
Sere 100.2 Post Test Answers

Question: Which of the following are consumable sources of water?

Answer:-Melted snow
-Water from plants

Question: If held in captivity you must remember to give no information or take part in any action which might be harmful to your comrades. This is an example of _____________ under Article IV of the Code of Conduct.

Answer: keeping faith

Question: Which of the following actions are appropriate for treating a wound?

Answer: All of the above

Question: Which of the following are procedures for the proper use of clothing?

Answer: Prevent overheating by removing layers before strenuous activities

Question: The traditional chain of command roles and responsibilities continue in all captivity environments. The senior eligible military member assumes command over captives from all US Military Departments.

Answer: True

Question: Which of the following are elements of the COLDER principle?(Select all that apply)

Answer: -Keep clothing dry
-Wear clothing loose and layered
-Keep clean
-Repair clothing as necessary

Question: Which evasion aids can assist you with making contact with the local population? (Select all that apply)

Answer: Blood Chit

Question: What are some techniques you can use to help cope with psychological effects of captivity? (Select all that apply)

Answer:-Reaffirm your will to live and focus on positive reasons to return home

-Have faith that the U.S. government will support your family

-Keep your mind active by recalling fond memories or designing a house

Question: When using a visual signal to support your recovery efforts, guidelines to follow include: (Select all that apply)

Answer: -Size

Understanding Latest Sere 100.2 Post Test Answers with Questions

Purpose of the Test

The SERE 100.2 post-test / Sere 100.2 Post Test Answers is designed to evaluate your comprehension of Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape principles. It assesses your ability to apply these principles in various scenarios, ensuring you are well-equipped to face challenges in real-world situations.

Topics Covered

The test encompasses a range of topics, including survival tactics, evasion strategies, resistance principles, and escape techniques. Questions may touch on survival psychology, navigation skills, and the Code of Conduct.

Importance of Reviewing Answers

Understanding the rationale behind each answer is crucial. This guide delves into common post-test questions, providing insights to enhance your understanding and ensure better retention of the material.

Clarity on Correct Responses

We’ll clarify correct responses to questions that often pose challenges. This ensures that you not only know the right answer but also understand why it is the most appropriate choice.

Scenario-Based Guidance

Many questions in the SERE 100.2 post-test or Sere 100.2 Post Test Answers are scenario-based. We’ll walk you through these scenarios, breaking down the thought process behind the correct answers and reinforcing key concepts.

The SERE 100.2 post-test can be a demanding task, but it’s a critical aspect of ensuring readiness and preparedness. This guide aims to support your learning journey, providing clarity on common questions and reinforcing key concepts. Remember, the knowledge gained from SERE training is not just for passing tests; it’s a set of skills that can make a significant difference in real-life situations.

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