Hotels Near Howard University: Finding the Perfect Accommodation

Howard University, within Washington D.C., has had long standing history of premium academic standards and a bright campus spirit. Regardless of the reason you are coming to the university for either campus tour, academic conference or graduation ceremony, the right lodging should be one of the choices to help you have wonderful stay. In this article we will elucidate the issues to examine before book a hotel near Howard University, the top hotels options and the best tips that will host you in the perfect accommodation.

Hotels Near Howard University

Introduction to Howard University

Historically, Howard University is a prominent Black institution that has built a reputation for its highly academic focused, research, and service to the community. The university was established in 1867, and as a result of this long history, it is currently placed in the city of Washington, D.C.

On the one hand, the students have to make the right choice between staying near or far from the university. On the other hand, living on or off campus has its advantages and disadvantages.

Accommodation choice being the very critical task to ensure both convenience and comfort as well as to make your stay memorable a must-do for everybody visiting Howard University. Pick the hotel wisely since an appropriate hotel could be the one that melds with your trip and will offer you an opportunity to explore the campus and other natural and man-made attractions.

The Things to Take Into Consideration When Chosing a Hotel by Howard University.

Proximity to Campus

Booking accommodation near the campus permits our team to cut on time and shipping fees. To be perfect, consider hotels in the area of the university preferably in walking distance or not more than a short drive.

Amenities and Facilities

Check the range of hotel amenities and services, say it is free breakfast, free Wi-Fi or a fitness center. The hotel also provide such as business services for business travelers. In addition to their relaxing effect, these facilities will make your stay more comfortable and better than the usual ones.

Pricing and Budget

It is important to establish the budget for a stay and to make research on the hotels that are close to Howard University. Search for any special offers, deal twists, or package offers to gain more means for your money.

Reviews and Reputation

Go through the history of earlier clients to evaluate the nature of service and general experience in that hotel Choose hotels which have a whole lot of positive reviews and a strong reputable record of hospitality and cleanliness.

The area surrounding the long standing university is also home to some of the finest hotels in the area.

Courtyard by Marriott Washington : A lush green courtyard within 5 minutes walking distance of campus.

Washington Hilton : We will now move to the overview of the facilities and the reviews from the users.

Washington International Student Center : These, for instance, are the products you need to know in order to appreciate their uniqueness.

The secret of getting the best hotel is here.

Book Early: You shouldn’t procrastinate with securing housing and choosing the location, especially during high seasons, and university celebrations.

Compare Options: Explore the rates, choices of hotels, and their reviews to find the one that suits your need best.

Consider Transportation: Think regarding the transportation means like direct buses or car rental services to and from the hotel.

An itinerary of the On-/off Attractions to explore while living around/around the Howard University.

When you spend time at Howard University, try to see other sights nearby as even the neighboring attractions like museums, monuments and cultural landmarks are worth your time. Touristic focus spots like the Smithsonian museums, National Mall, and U Street corridor are among the known places.


Comfortable and convenient hotel accommodation near Howard University is what we need if we want to enjoy the best of your visit to the campus. An assessment of distance to the campus, available amenities, rent prices, and reviews can comprise the guidelines that will help you select the most suitable place of residence to make your visit to this highly popular university truly special.

FAQ with Hotels Nearing to Howard University

Is there any hotel located nearby the campus on Howard University ground?

Yes, as a matter of fact, there are some hotels close to the university and one can either walk or drive to the campus from whichever hotel one chooses.

What kinds of Peru popular amenities or services should I consider when searching for a hotel near the Howard University campus?

Be sure to check for amenities such as complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, hotel parking, and fitness facilities to add pleasure to your staying.

There is nothing worse than coming against a housing problem after the arrival for school. When should I book a hotel nearby University?

The earlier you book your accommodation, the better simply because the peak seasons period or the university events might be a problem.

Are there any budget-friendly hotel options near Howard University?

Yes, there are several budget-friendly hotel options available near Howard University. Be sure to compare prices and amenities to find the best value for your money.

Can hotels near Howard University provide transportation to and from the campus?

Some hotels may offer shuttle services or transportation arrangements to Howard University campus. Be sure to inquire about transportation options when booking your stay.

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