Compare and contrast the concept of micromarketing with that of mass customisation

Micromarketing and mass customization are both marketing approaches that focus on tailoring products and services to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual customers.

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Full answer on compare and contrast the concept of micromarketing with that of mass customisation.

However, they differ in their scope and implementation:

Micromarketing & Micromarketing Examples:

  1. Scope: Micromarketing is a strategy that targets very narrow and specific market segments. It aims to identify and serve the unique needs of small customer groups or even individual consumers.
  2. Personalization: Micromarketing involves highly personalized marketing efforts, often utilizing data and analytics to understand individual customer behavior and preferences.
  3. Product Variation: In micromarketing, product or service variations are typically limited to accommodate the specific preferences of the targeted segment. This could include variations in packaging, features, or pricing.
  4. Example: A boutique clothing store that tailors its designs and offerings to cater to the preferences of a small, local customer base is an example of micromarketing.

Micromarketing examples are:-

  • Marketing of Local Doctor Clinic
  • Marketing of Local Barber Shop
  • Marketing of Local Cake shop
  • Marketing of Local Resturant & Coffie shop
  • Marketing of Local Grocery, Fruits and Vegitables

Mass Customization:

  1. Scope: Mass customization, as the name suggests, combines the efficiency of mass production with the personalization of individual customization. It targets a broader customer base but allows customers to customize certain aspects of a product or service.
  2. Personalization: Mass customization offers customers the ability to personalize specific features of a product or service, such as color, size, or configuration, within predefined options.
  3. Product Variation: Mass customization typically involves a broader range of product or service variations compared to micromarketing. These variations are predetermined by the company to streamline production.
  4. Example: Customizable smartphones, where customers can choose from predefined options for features like storage capacity, camera specifications, and color, are an example of mass customization.

Customisation in marketing

customisation in marketing is to make personalized stretegy for the perticular Business to push it to the higest point of its possiblity.

In summary, micromarketing is focused on serving very narrow market segments with highly personalized offerings, often on an individual basis. Mass customization, on the other hand, seeks to balance mass production efficiencies with some degree of individual customer personalization, targeting a larger customer base. Both approaches aim to enhance customer satisfaction by providing products or services that align more closely with customer preferences.

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